Wildlife Removal

Noises in your attic? Bugs in your Basement?
Serving Hillsborough County and the Surrounding Areas

Nuisance Animal Removal Professionals

Humane Animal Control Services Throughout Florida

For prompt and humane wildlife removal services from your home or business, Sun Parrot Pest Services is your trusted choice throughout Florida. Our trained and experienced staff can safely transport the animal from your property with a variety of methods. We have kill and non-kill traps available as well as catch rods and snare poles. Ask about our emergency 24-hour response time!

And once we get the animals out, we inspect your property and seal any potential entry points in order to minimize the chances of future unwanted animal visitors. We also clean away droppings, urine, nesting materials, and dead animals for your health and to keep other animals from being attracted to your site.

Our Wildlife Removal Services Include

• Armadillos
• Bats
• Ducks
• Feral cats
• Foxes
• Mice
• Skunks
• Rats
• Moles
• Opossums
• Pigeons
• Snakes
• Squirrels
• Raccoons
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Hernando: 352-593-9444
Pasco and Pinellas: 727-330-3SUN (3786)
Hillsborough: 813-262-0SUN (0786)
Polk: 863-617-SUN8 (7868)
Sarasota: 941-960-SUN8 (7868)
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